In the name of GOD, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

                                  Proclaim, “He is the One and Only GOD.”

                                    “The Absolute GOD.”

                                       “Never did He beget. Nor was He begotten.”

                                          “None equals Him.”


 Universal Unity                                                                                       Editor: Keikhosrow Emami

December 1995 [No. 18]


ولا يجدون لهم من دون الله وليا ولا نصيرا

"They will find no lord beside GOD, Nor a savior!"
Quran 4:173


How GOD Communicates With Us

[42:51] No human being can communicate with God except through inspiration, or from behind a barrier, or by sending a messenger through whom He reveals what He wills. He is the Most High, Most Wise.

God's messengers strictly follow the commands of their Lord. They do not speak of themselves, but whatsoever they hear, that shall they speak. The hearts of the sincere believers are then prepared by God to receive the message that is sent through His messengers.

[22:54] Those who are blessed with knowledge will recognize the truth from your Lord, then believe in it, and their hearts will readily accept it. Most assuredly, God guides the believers in the right path.

We are the most fortunate generation to have ever lived on this earth. We are the recipients of the purified Quran and its authorized translation, God's proven words and clear revelations without any ambiguity. The sincere believers shall, God willing, hold fast to the rope of God and appreciate the gift of this Quran.

[81:15-21] I solemnly swear by the galaxies. Precisely running in their orbits. By the night as it falls. And the morn as it breathes. This is the utterance of an honorable messenger. Authorized by the Possessor of the Throne, fully supported. He shall be obeyed and trusted.

Rashad Khalifa was a messenger of God, the messenger of the covenant who was prophesied in the Torah, the Gospel, and the Quran. The Quran, "the message," that was revealed through Prophet Muhammad became "the message-messenger" through Rashad Khalifa. For it was through this messenger that the secret of the Quran (74:1) was unveiled and its awesome 19-based mathematical miracle (74:30) was revealed. After the revelation of its mathematical miracle, in accordance with God's predetermined plan, the Quran came out to warn (74:2). By rejecting the two false verses (9:128,129) that were added to the end of Sura 9, it purified its garment (74:4). And it conveyed the clear meanings of its verses (56:79; 39:45; 22:15;...). The Quran together with its authorized translation, "The Message-Messenger," "666," is the ultimate reference for the believers. All the praises are due to Almighty God. We know that the only duty of a messenger is to deliver the message. Prophet Muhammad and Rashad Khalifa did not do the work of their own; they were simply instruments through whom the Almighty blessed the humanity with the gift of this Quran. In the following, God willing, the believers shall witness a very remarkable example with historical implications that will prove Rashad Khalifa did not translate the Quran on his own, but he indeed followed the divine guidance. At the end of the verse 173 of the Sura 4, in the third translation and review of the Quran done by Rashad Khalifa, we read: "They will find no lord beside God, nor a savior." The word "savior," in this translation, is used just once. Why is it placed in this verse and what is the significance of it? The same Arabic word (Naseer or Naseera) is translated throughout this translation (2:107; 4:45, 75; 8:40; 9:116; 29:22; 33:17; 42:31) as "Master" or "Supporter." It is noteworthy that in 33:17 the exact same statement is made in the Arabic text, letter by letter, but it is translated differently: "They can never find, beside God, any other Lord and Master." Why the discrepancy? Did Rashad Khalifa know what he was doing? Yes, he did. He knew full well that he was just following God's instructions, the instructions that he was receiving through Gabriel.

[4:173] As for those who believe and lead a righteous life, He will fully recompense them, and shower them with His grace. As for those who disdain and turn arrogant, He will commit them to painful retribution. They will find no lord beside God, nor a savior.

The gematrical value of this statement in Arabic is 836, (19 x 44). And, this is equal to the gematrical value of 1:5 that says, "You alone we worship; You alone we ask for help." What is so awesome is that the above verse is the verse number 666 from the beginning of the Quran. This verse specifically points out the consequences for believing or disbelieving the information that is given in the prior two verses.

[4:171-172] O people of the scripture, do not transgress the limits of your religion, and do not say about God except the truth. The Messiah, Jesus, the son of Mary, was a messenger of God, and His word that He had sent to Mary, and a revelation from Him. Therefore, you shall believe in God and His messengers. You shall not say, "Trinity." You shall refrain from this for your own good. God is only one god. Be He glorified; He is much too glorious to have a son. To Him belongs everything in the heavens and everything on earth. God suffices as Lord and Master.
The Messiah would never disdain from being a servant of God, nor would the closest angels. Those who disdain from worshiping Him, and are too arrogant to submit, he will summon them all before Him."

It is God's deliberate design to let the truth confront the falsehood in order to defeat it. This is not a coincidence that the verse number 666 in this Quran should tell those who idolize Jesus Christ that a painful retribution is awaiting them. And that, for their rescue, they shall find no lord, nor a savior beside God.

We are commanded by the Almighty not to accept any information unless we verify it for ourselves (17:36). The religion of truth, Submission (Islam), is not for the ignorant ones; "Only those who possess intelligence will take heed." The truth is to be verifiable. What is so fantastic about this Quran is that not only it gives us clear revelations, but it also produces the proof; the proof that authenticates its divine origin. Obviously no one can argue with the fact that 4:173 in the Quran is the verse number 666, (7 + 286 + 200 + 173). The next verse (666+ 1) is 4:174.

[4:174] O people, a proof has come to you from your Lord; we have sent down to you a profound beacon.

In the Quran, we have 666 verses before 4:174. If we place the numbers side by side, we get:

666,4,174 = 19 x 350746

4:174 is telling us about a proof that has come to us from our Lord. This proof was sent down through Prophet Muhammad (G.V. 92), but it was revealed through the messenger of the covenant, Rashad Khalifa (G.V. 505,725). If we place the above numbers side by side we get:

4,174,92,505,725 = 19 x 21973289775

After 666 verses in the Quran, we get to a verse with gematrical value of 1553. This verse tells us about a proof that has come to us from our Lord. The proof that was sent down through prophet Muhammad and it was revealed through Rashad Khalifa. The gematrical value of the letters that make up the names of the two messengers, respectively, are: 40,8,40,4 and 200,300,1,4;600,30,10,80,5. If we place the above numbers side by side, we get:

19 x 350608074126536857902421211095

If you have any doubt regarding what we revealed to our servant,
Then produce one sura like these, and
Call upon your own witnesses against God,
If you are truthful.

If you cannot do this - and you can never do this -
Then beware of Hellfire, whose fuel is people and rocks;
It awaits the disbelievers.


The corrupted foundation of the Pauline church is based on the false doctrine of "Trinity," that was adopted in 325 A.D. and the deification of Jesus Christ, considering him a lord and a savior. The four accepted Gospels by the church have not only been altered throughout the ages, but also are not eyewitness accounts. Any information contradicting the adopted doctrine of the church has been considered heretical and, therefore, either is destroyed or hidden from the eyes of the public. By their own admission, there are 183 chapters, containing 6,081 verses, made of 152,185 words in hiding. What is it that makes the church so apprehensive to the extend of hiding behind closed doors? Are they afraid of the collapse of their empire should the people keep close to the scriptures? All the praises are due to Almighty God. We have solid evidence that Jesus Christ received revelations from the Lord of the universe. God Almighty taught him the Torah and gave him the Gospel. Where is the Gospel of the real Jesus Christ? What have they done to it? Nevertheless, a careful study of the Bible, as it is, would be a good step in the direction of shedding light on the true identity of Jesus and his mission on this earth .

[Luke 4:18] The Spirit of the Lord is upon me. because He has anointed me to Preach the Gospel to the poor; He has sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised."

According to the verse 21, Jesus said to those in the synagogue: "This day is this scripture fu/filled in your ears," meaning that he was the person prophesied in 4:18. Obviously, he did not say, "The spirit of myself is upon myself?" Or, "The spirit of the other two/third of the trinity is upon me?" The first part of his mission, he declared, was to preach the Gospel that he was receiving from his Lord.

[John 8:26] But He that sent me is true; and I speak to the world those things which I have heard of Him.
[Luke 11:28] Blessed are they that
hear the word of God, and keep it.

[Matthew 3:10] You shall worship the Lord your God, and Him only you shall serve.

[Mark 12:29,30] The first of all the commandments is, hear O Israel; the Lord our God is One Lord: And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind, and with all your strength: this is the first commandment.

[John 5:24] Verily, verily, I say unto you, he that hears my word,
and believes on Him that sent me, has everlasting life, and shall not come into condemnation; but is passed from death unto life.

[Matthew 5:20] For I say unto you, that except your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees,
you shall in no case enter into the kingdom of heaven.

Do the above verses give any indication that Jesus Christ considered himself a lord and a savior? No! No wonder, in the Day of Resurrection, Jesus will disown those who call him Lord.

[Matthew 7:22,23] Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in your name? And in your name have cast out devils? And in your name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, you that work iniquity.

[Mark 10:18] Why do you call me good?
There is none Good but One, that is God.
[John 5:30] "I can of my own self do nothing.
[John 6:38] For I came down from heaven, not to do my own will,
but the will of Him that sent me.
[John 6:29] This is the work of God, that you believe on him whom
He has sent.

[Matthew 15:3] Why do you also transgress the commandment of God by your tradition?
[John 7:19] Did not Moses give you the law, and yet none of you keeps the law? Why do you go about to kill me?
[Matthew 15:24] I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel.
[Matthew 5:17] Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill.

If one sincerely asks the Almighty for guidance, he or she shall come to see the light and get acquainted with the truth, the truth that many received at the time Jesus actually walked on this earth.

[Luke 24:19] ..... And they said unto him, concerning Jesus of Nazareth, which was a prophet mighty in deed and word before God and all the people.

The Quran is the only scripture that has been, by God's grace, kept intact in its very original form (15:9). In this Quran, we read:

[23:91] God has never begotten a son. Nor was there ever any other god beside Him. Otherwise, each god would have declared independence with his creation, and they would have competed with each other for dominance. God be glorified; far above their claims.

By adding the sura and the verse number, we get 114 that is the number of the suras in the Quran (19 x 6). If we place 23:91 and 150, the gematrical value of Jesus in Arabic side by side, we get:

23,91,150 = 19 x 125850


January 21: The First Day of Ramadan -- February 18: The Last Day of Fasting






666 -- "Indeed, it is a glorious Quran, in a preserved master tablet."
It is the intent of this newsletter, God willing, to present the readers with easily verifiable and yet utterly irrefutable physical evidences that the Quran, the Final Testament, is indeed the highly publicized "666" that the corrupted Pauline church is afraid of. Satan's scheme reflected in his book of "The Revelation," placed in the Bible to give "the number" a bad connotation shall backfire. The 19-based mathematical miracle of the Quran shall prove to the whole world that the book, "666," is without a doubt a revelation from the Lord of the universe. The authorized translation of the Quran shall find its place in every household. The sincere souls shall receive the message; they shall embrace God's religion in throngs. The masses shall grow in awareness; they shall know that they have been deceived by their religious leaders. The corrupted religionists shall be denied money and power; they shall, God willing, perish.

[8:8] For He has decreed that the truth shall prevail, and the falsehood shall vanish, in spite of the evildoers.

Night of Destiny

The gematrical value of the entire Sura 97, entitled "Destiny," is 6731. The Quran was revealed through Prophet Muhammad (G.V. 92) on the 27th night of the month of Ramadan. If we place the above numbers side by side. we get:

97,6731,92,27 = 19 x 514069433

[97:1] We revealed it. in the Night of Destiny.

If we add (666) the Quran, (971) for the verse, and (92) the gematrical value of the name "Muhammad," we get:

666 + 971 + 92 = 1729 = 19 x 91

[44:2,3,4] And this enlightening scripture. We have sent it down in a blessed night, for we are to warn. In it, every matter of wisdom is clarified.

If we add (666) the Quran, (44234) for the verses, and (92) Muhammad, we get:

666 + 44234 + 92 = 44992 = 19 x 2368


The first occurrence of the word "Quran," in the Quran, is in 2:185. There are precisely 185 letters in this verse. The gematrical value of this verse is 12,479. If we place the above numbers side by side, we get:

2,185,185,12479 = 19 x 19 x 605314439


"This Quran" is mentioned in the Quran 57 times (19 x 3) in 56 verses. In the 19th verse of this group (17:78), the word "Quran" is mentioned twice. The suras and the verses in the Quran that contain the word "Quran" are as follows:
 2:185; 4:82; 5:101; 6:19; 7:204; 9:111; 10:37, 61; 12:3; 15:1, 87, 91; 16:98; 17:9, 41, 45, 46, 60, 78*, 82, 88, 89; 18:54; 20:2, 114; 25:30, 32; 27:1, 6, 76, 92; 28:85; 30:58; 34:31; 36:2, 69; 38:1; 39:27; 41:26; 43:31; 46:29; 47:24; 50:1, 45; 54:17, 22, 32, 40; 55:2; 56:77;
59:21; 73:4, 20; 76:23; 84:21; 85:21.

In this Quran, "666," the sum of all the sura numbers and the verse numbers in which the word "Quran" occurs is 3921. The Quran was sent down through Prophet Muhammad (92), and its 19-based mathematical miracle was revealed through Rashad Khalifa (505, 725). If we add the above numbers, we get:

666 + 3921 + 92 + 505 + 725 = 5909 = 19 x 311

If we place the above numbers side by side, we get:

666;3921;92;505,725 = 19 x 35073273289775


[26:5] Whenever a reminder from the Most Gracious comes to them, that is new, they turn away in aversion.

The word reminder, in Arabic "Dihkr," denotes the Quran's mathematical code. If we add 666 to 265, representing the above verse, we get 931 which is a multiple of nineteen.

This Quran, "666," "the message-messenger," in the above verse with gematrical value of 3899, is telling us about its mathematical code that was revealed through Rashad Khalifa (1230). If add the above numbers, we get:

666 + 3899 + 1230 = 5795 = 19 x 305

If we place 666, 3899, and 200,300,1,4,600,30,10,80,5, the gematrical value of the letters of the name "Rashad Khalifa," we get:


19 x 350731536857902421211095