In the name of GOD, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

                                  Proclaim, “He is the One and Only GOD.”

                                    “The Absolute GOD.”

                                       “Never did He beget. Nor was He begotten.”

                                          “None equals Him.”


 Universal Unity                                                                                       Editor: Keikhosrow Emami

April 1995 [No. 10]





Truth is a statement proven to be true; it refers to the quality of being in accord with fact or reality. Truth is a comprehensive term that implies accuracy and honesty. Those who consistently tell the truth are honest; they are the truthful ones. The main ingredient of "truth" is "knowledge," for without knowledge there is no truth. All the praises are due to Almighty God. We know that we do not know. God is the knower of all secrets and declarations. He is the absolute truth. In accordance with His will. He allows some of His knowledge be known to His servants. In accordance with His will. He manifests the truth through His messengers.


The truth comes from God. And since the only duty of a messenger is to deliver the message, what is delivered through His messengers is the truth. God's truth is the absolute truth; it never changes. All His messengers delivered the very same truth: "There is none but One God and that we must worship Him alone. We must worship God, our only Lord and Master. We must worship Him with all our heart, with all our mind, with all our soul, and with all our strength." Those who are truthful would seek the truth and, by God's leave, they find it.


[5:83] When they hear what was revealed to the messenger, you see their eyes flooding with tears as they recognize the truth therein, and they say, “Our Lord, we have believed, so count us among the witnesses.”


The Quran is God's truth that was sent down through the Final Prophet and its 19-based mathematical miracle was revealed through the Messenger of the Covenant. If we place the sura number (5), the verse number (83), the gematrical value of the name Muhammad (92), and the gematrical value of the name Rashad Khalifa (505,725) side by side, we get:


5,83, 92, 505,725

19 x ...


We are the generation that has been blessed with the purified Quran. We have in our hands the proven words and the authorized translation of the Quran, a scripture with clear revelations without any ambiguity. Those who are truthful will recognize the truth. They would say,


[5:84-86] “Why should we not believe in God, and in the truth that has come to us. and hope that our Lord may admit us with the righteous people? God has rewarded them for saying this; He will admit them into gardens with flowing streams. They abide therein forever. Such is the reward for the righteous. As for those who disbelieve and reject our revelations, they are the dwellers of Hell-


[2:147] This is the truth from your Lord; do not harbor any doubt.


Placing the sura and the verse number side by side, we get a number that is a multiple of nineteen.


2,147 = 19 x 113


[10:35,36] Say. “Does any of your idols guide to the truth?” Say, “God guides to the truth. Is One who guides to the truth more worthy of being followed, or one who does not guide, and needs guidance for himself? What is wrong with your logic? Most of them follow nothing but conjecture, and conjecture is no substitute for the truth. God is fully aware of everything they do.


[12:111]. This is not a fabricated Hadith; this (Quran) confirms all previous scriptures, provides the details of everything, and is a beacon and mercy for those who believe.


The Quran is not human made; it is far beyond human capability to come up with such an intricate writing. The original text of the Quran in Arabic, in its entirety, is mathematically composed. The book is sealed (Isaiah 29:11); no one can tamper with it.


[41:41,42] Those who have rejected the Quran's proof when it came to them, have also rejected an Honorable book. No falsehood could enter it, in the past or in the future; a revelation from a Most Wise, Praiseworthy.


[10:37-39] This Quran could not possibly be authored by other than God. It confirms all previous messages, and provides a fully detailed scripture. It is infallible: for it comes from the Lord of the universe. If they say, He fabricated it, say, Then produce one sura like these, and invite whomever you wish, other than God, if you are truthful. Indeed, they have rejected this without studying and examining it, and before understanding it. Thus did those before them disbelieve. Therefore, note the consequences for the transgressors.


[23:66-70] My proofs have been presented to you, but you turned back on your heels. You were too arrogant to accept them, and you defiantly disregarded them. Why do they not reflect upon this scripture? Do they not realize that they have received something never attained by their ancestors? Have they failed to recognize their messenger? This is why they are disregarding him? Have they decided that he is crazy? Indeed he has brought the truth to them, but most of them hate the truth.


If we place the above sura number and the five verse numbers side by side, we get:



19 x ...


Those who sincerely seek the truth would recognize the message coming to them from their Lord. And, by the mean of the message, they recognize their messenger. Believing in God's messengers is essentially a test. It is an integral part of the message that we must believe in God's messengers and make no distinction among any of them. It is God's system. He allows the enemies of His messengers to inspire in each other falsehood, in order to deceive. God system never changes, “The wicked must remain with the opposition.” Casting doubt in the heart of the weak believers is one of the primary and most effective tools of Satan.  Satan's constituencies spread poison and doubt to undermine the truth in order to lay the ground for their Satanic falsehood.


[11:18] Who are more evil than those who fabricate lies about God? They will be presented before their Lord, and the witnesses will say, "These are the ones who lied about their Lord. God's condemnation has befallen the transgressor."


The Islam of today's Muslim world has been so distorted, it has become a Satanic cult. The Ulama, or religious scholars, have added many extraneous laws, prohibitions, dress codes, dietary regulations, and religious practices never authorized by God (42:21)."   The Muslim masses have been misguided by their religious leaders to a point that they have abandoned the Quran in favor of the man-made innovations. They have abandoned the truth in favor of falsehood. The Quran is the only unaltered scripture from our Creator. All the praises are due to Almighty God.  We have got the physical evidence to prove it. We say, "We believe and are certain that the Quran is the truth that has come from God." What does come after the truth but falsehood? If our religious practices be contrary to that prescribed in the Quran, then what are we but hypocrites? If we accept other teachings beside God's, then, what are we but idol worshipers?


Those who uphold God's absolute authority would uphold the teachings of His scripture, the Quran. These are God's allies; they deserve happiness now and forever. God would shower them with blessings from every direction.


[10:62-64] Absolutely, God's allies have nothing to fear, nor will they grieve. They are those who believe and lead a righteous life. For them, joy and happiness in, this world, as well as in the Hereafter. This is God's unchangeable law. Such is the greatest triumph.


Do we know any Muslim country that has achieved this greatest blessing that the Almighty is promising? If the answer is no, should we, God forbid, doubt that God's promise is true? Or, do we desperately need to reflect upon ourselves to find out if we truly have been Muslims? A Muslim is one who submits to God and devotes the worship to God alone. A Muslim is one who appreciates the gift of the Quran, believes in God's assertion that the Book is complete and fully detailed, and accepts no other teachings beside it.


The Quran teaches us that each person is responsible for his/her own deeds. In the Day or Resurrection we will be judged in accordance with the decisions we made in this life and the actions we took. 'We will be judged without the least injustice.' The Quran also teaches us that our decisions and actions in this life impact the lives of those around us. If we do good, our family would become the beneficiary of our good works. And, if we do wrong, our family would be inflected with misery and hardship in this life. The Quran is God's words; it is a gift from Him. Those who disbelieve in the Quran and their actions be contrary to that of the teachings of the Quran would remove their families from God's protection.


[14:28] Have you noted those who responded to God's blessings by disbelieving, and thus brought disaster upon their own families?


[30:41] Disasters have spread throughout the land and sea, because of what the people have committed. He thus lets them taste the consequences of some of their works, that they may return.


If we place the above sura-verse numbers side by side, we get:


14,28, 30,41
19 x 751739


Almighty God says, if we become unappreciative of His blessings and disbelieve in the Quran, we would bring disaster upon our own family (14:28). On the other hand, if we uphold God's laws and commandments and consequently become righteous people, He would extend His mercy towards our family.


[18:82] '... Because their father was a righteous man, your Lord wanted them to grow up and attain full strength, then extract their treasure.  Such is mercy from your Lord ..."


If we place the above sura-verse numbers side by side, we get:


14,28, 18,82
19 x 19 x 751678


The Quran is the proven words from Almighty God. Those to whom the Quran is given, if they submit a full submission to God alone and exclusively follow His guidance, shall be among those blessed by God. But if they turn away from the truth and uphold conjecture and lies, they will bring disaster upon themselves and their families. Obviously, by looking at the Muslim world, we cannot find a single country that can remotely produce the image of being blessed by God. The Almighty says that His allies are blessed with "joy and happiness in this world.' Where is that joy and happiness? When people choose to disbelieve in God's blessings they remove themselves from His kingdom. There is no joy and happiness outside of God's kingdom. When people choose to uphold fabricated lies, Hadith and Sunna, in place of the truth, the Quran, they inflict themselves with misery and hardship. God condemns "Hadith" by name, and inform us that it is a blasphemous fabrication.


[45:6-11] These are God's revelations that we recite to you truthfully. In which Hadith other than God and His revelations do they believe? Woe to every fabricator, guilty. The one who hears God's revelations recited to him, then insists arrogantly on his way, as if he never heard them. Promise him a painful retribution. When he learns anything about our revelations, he mocks them. These have incurred a shameful retribution. Awaiting them is Gehenna. Their earnings will not help them, nor the idols they had set up beside God. They have incurred a terrible retribution. This is a beacon, and those who disbelieve in these revelations of their Lord have incurred condemnation and a painful retribution.


God says that nothing is left out of the Quran; the book is complete and fully detailed (6:38,114;7:52; 10:37; 12:111 ; 39:27). God says that the Quran is made easy to learn (54:17, 22, 32, 40). God says that straight-forward verses constitute  the essence of His scripture; the Quran contains clear revelations without any  ambiguity (3:7;22:16; 24:1; 39:28). Satan and his constituencies insist that the Quran is not complete, it is difficult to learn, and it is hard to comprehend. Almighty God says that the Quran is for the living (36:70), the disbelievers read it for the dead. Almighty God says the only religion acceptable to Him is Submission (Islam: 3:19; 3:85). And, He has commanded us not to break our religion into sects (6:159;30:32). The hypocrites are those who call themselves Muslims but do not obey the command of their Lord; they break their religion into sects, each happy with what they have. How could one be a Submitter to God alone (Muslim) and be disobedient to Him at the same time?


Almighty God says that He does not wish to make the religion difficult and He has placed no hardship on us in practicing our religion (5:6; 22:78). Satan's recruits, on the other hand, institute many unreasonable religious laws and regulations and thus create a difficult and, in some instances, painful religion. Unfortunately majority of people believe the lies presented to them in the name of religion. There are some among these people who find their religion difficult and unreasonable, therefore, they do not practice it. And, there are others who get rather orthodox about it. They go to a great length to see that they observe every little detail of their rituals. This group adhere to their old traditions. And, they take their religious leaders as lords and masters. In either case, practicing or not practicing, Satan has found great majority of people easily fulfilling his expectations. They either do not worship, or they worship wrong gods.


[6:137] Thus were the idol worshipers duped by their idols, to the extent of killing their own children. In fact, their idols inflict great pain upon them, and confuse the religion for them. Had God willed, they would not have done it. You shall disregard them and their fabrications.


Satan inflicts great pain upon his subjects. 6:137 "A perfect example is the internationally infamous incident of the execution of a Saudi Arabian princess in 1978 for alleged adultery. God's law institutes whipping, not execution, as a punishment for adultery (24:2)." The significance of this incident as an example of a Satanic ritual is such that the Almighty has designated a special place for it in the Quran, 6:137.

6,137 = 19 x 19 x 17


All the praises are due to Almighty God. We know those who were executed in that incident are in Paradise (46:14-16). But, woe to those who came up with the law and those who became its instrument.


[24:1,2] A sura that we have sent down, and we have decreed as law. We have revealed in it clear revelations, that you may take heed. The adulteress and the adulterer you shall whip each of them a hundred lashes. Do not be swayed by pity from carrying out God's law. if you truly believe in God and the Last Day. And let a group of believer witness their penalty.


The Quran contains God's laws. It is a mercy from Him that His laws are not only clear but proven as well.   The 19-based mathematical miracle of the Quran is the proof of authenticity of God's scripture. It increases the faith of the faithful.   And, among other things, it disturbs the disbelievers. In the Quran there are three verses that specifically address the punishment for a couple who are guilty of proven adultery.


[4:76] 'The couple who commits adultery shall be punished.   If they repent and reform, you shall leave them alone. God is Redeemer. Most Merciful.'


(Regarding slave women)

[4:25] "... Once they are freed through marriage, if they commit adultery, their punishment shall be half of that for the free women.... "


[24:2] “The adulteress and the adulterer you shall whip each of them a hundred lashes.”


In (4:16), Almighty God says that those who commit proven adultery must be punished. But, what is the punishment? In (4:25), the Almighty says that the slave women freed through marriage, if they commit adultery, their punishment is half of that of free women, but half of what? In (24:2), Almighty God says that the punishment for committing adultery is one hundred lashes in public. Therefore, the punishment for slave women freed through marriage, if they commit adultery, is fifty lashes. Obviously, half of death does not make sense, does it? In 24:2. we learn that the punishment for committing adultery is 100 lashes in public. If we add 242, representing the verse, and 100, we get:


242 + 100 = 342
19 x 18


In 4:25, we learn that the punishment for freed slave women who commit adultery is 50 lashes, if we add 425 representing the verse and 50, we get:


425 + 50 = 475
19 x 25


The three verses that provide us with the clear understanding in regard to the punishment for those who commit adultery are: (4:16), (4:25), and (24:2).  There is a fantastic relationship between these three verses. If we place the numbers that represent the above verses side by side, we get:


416, 425, 242
19 x 21917118


If we add the three numbers that represent the verses, we get:


416 + 425 + 242 = 1083
19 x 19 x 3


"Social pressure, i.e., public witnessing of the penalty, is the basic punishment." If those who commit adultery were to be killed, as the idolatrous law stipulates, there was no need to know who they can or cannot marry (24:3).


[6:27] Who is more evil than one who lies about God, or rejects His revelations? The transgressors never succeed.'


Quran, the Whole Quran, and Nothing But the Quran


[6:19] Say, "Whose testimony is the greatest?" Say, "God's. He is the witness between me and you that this Quran* has been inspired to me, to preach it to you and whomever it reaches. Indeed, you bear witness that there are other gods beside GOD." Say, "I do not testify as you do; there is only one god, and I disown your idolatry."