I seek refuge in GOD from Satan the rejected
In the name of GOD, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

The Glorious Quran


Quran is a Divine Revelation from the Lord of the Universe
Quran is Protected by the Almighty God
Quran Guides to the Best Path and Contains Healing and Mercy for the Believers
Quran is Clear and Easy to Understand
People are Urged to Study and Reflect Upon the Quran
Quran is Complete, Fully Detailed, and Sufficient
Quran is the Only Authorized Source of Religious Jurisprudence
Do not Abandon the Great Quran

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The Quran
IS a Revelation from the Lord of the Universe!

All the praises are due to the One and Only GOD. The discovery of the Quran's mathematical miracle by Dr. Rashad Khalifa, God's messenger of the Covenant, has proven beyond any doubt that the Quran could not possibly be authored by anyone but the Almighty, the Omniscient Lord of the universe.  The overwhelming evidences presented on this site (Pages 2, 6, 33, 36, 37) challenge anyone to bring a book like this. Any sincere sole after studying this Great Scripture and witnessing its awesome proofs inevitably falls prostrate before the Almighty God, the Author of the Quran.

وما كان هذا القرءان أن يفترى من دون الله
 ولكن تصديق الذي بين يديه وتفصيل الكتب لا ريب فيه من رب العلمين

10:37. This Quran could not possibly be authored by other than GOD. It confirms all previous messages, and provides a fully detailed scripture. It is infallible, for it comes from the Lord of the universe.

وما علمنه الشعر وما ينبغي له إن هو إلا ذكر وقرءان مبين

36:69. What we taught him (the messenger) was not poetry, nor is he (a poet). This is but a formidable proof, and a profound Quran.
36:69 The word "Zikr" refers frequently to the Quran's great mathematical code, which is certainly not literary, nor poetry. Please check out 38:1,8; 15:6,9; 16:44; 21:2, 24; 26:5; & 36:11.




The Quran
Is Protected by Almighty G

Almighty GOD, the Author of the Glorious Quran, Has stated in numerous verses that He intends to protect the Quran from any distortion.  Indeed, Quran is the only scripture that has been preserved and protected by GOD.  Quran's 19 based mathematical miracle has shown us how a change in a single verse, a word, or even a letter of the Quran is immediately noticeable.  For example, in the Quran there are two suras that are prefixed with the letter Q or Qhaaf in Arabic ( Q or Qhaaf stands for the Quran).  These are Sura 50 (Q or Qhaaf) and Sura  42 (Consultation or Al-Shoora).  Although these two Suras have different lengths (Sura 50 contains 45 verses and Sura 42, 53 verses), the count of the letter Q in both suras exactly equals 57 or 19 x 3.  A single addition or deletion of the letter Q from either of these two suras or from any other sura in the Quran will destroy this Divine Scripture's awesome mathematical miracle.

إنا نحن نزلنا الذكر وإنا له لحفظون

15:9. Absolutely, we have revealed the reminder, and, absolutely, we will preserve it.
15:9 The divine source and the perfect preservation of the Quran are proven by the Quran's mathematical code (App. 1). God's Messenger of the Covenant was destined to unveil this great miracle. The word "Dhikr" denotes the Quran's code in several verses (15:6, 21:2, 26:5, 38:1, 38:8, 74:31). The gematrical value of "Rashad Khalifa" (1230)+15+9=1254, 19x66.

ذلك الكتب لا ريب فيه هدى للمتقين

2:2. This scripture that is infallible is a beacon for the righteous.




The Quran
Guides to the Best Path,
It Contains Healing and Mercy for the Believers

The Quran is a gift from our Most Gracious Lord. It is God's gift to guide those sincere at heart to the best path. It is God's gift to lead the people of all nations out of darkness and guide them to the light.  The Great Quran brings good news to the believers who lead a righteous life and warns the disbelieves and idol worshippers of the Lord's painful retribution.   The Quran is a mercy from our Most Merciful GOD.  The Quran provides a healing for even the most troubled hearts and soles.  O people, believe in this Quran, embrace its revelations, and follow its directives so that you may attain salvation in this world and in the hereafter.  

الر كتب أنزلنه إليك
 لتخرج الناس من الظلمت إلى النور بإذن ربهم إلى صرط العزيز الحميد

14:1. A.L.R.  A scripture that we revealed to you, in order to lead the people out of darkness into the light - in accordance with the will of their Lord - to the path of the Almighty, the Praiseworthy.

إن هذا القرءان يهدي للتي هي أقوم
 ويبشر المؤمنين الذين يعملون الصلحت أن لهم أجرا كبيرا

17:9. This Quran guides to the best path, and brings good news to the believers who lead a righteous life, that they have deserved a great recompense.

وننزل من القرءان ما هو شفاء ورحمة للمؤمنين
ولا يزيد الظلمين إلا خسارا

17:82. We send down in the Quran healing and mercy for the believers. At the same time, it only increases the wickedness of the transgressors.

ولو جعلنه قرءانا أعجميا لقالوا لولا فصلت ءايته ءأعجمي وعربي
 قل هو للذين ءامنوا هدى وشفاء
والذين لا يؤمنون في ءاذانهم وقر وهو عليهم عمى أولئك ينادون من مكان بعيد

41:44. If we made it a non-Arabic Quran they would have said, "Why did it come down in that language?" Whether it is Arabic or non-Arabic, say, "For those who believe, it is a guide and healing. As for those who disbelieve, they will be deaf and blind to it, as if they are being addressed from faraway."

وهذا كتب أنزلنه مبارك فاتبعوه واتقوا لعلكم ترحمون

[6:155] This too is a blessed scripture that we have revealed; you shall follow it and lead a righteous life, that you may attain mercy.




The Quran
Is Clear and Easy to Understand.

Our Most Gracious Lord with infinite knowledge and wisdom Has revealed the Quran to humanity and not to a particular class, group, nation, or creed.  However, Satan and his evil forces from among the so called "religious leaders," "Ayatollahs", etc. have tried very hard to portray Quran as a difficult book to understand and follow.  These evil forces insist that Quran can not be understood by the ordinary people and only the "spiritual leaders," "theologians," "Mufti's", "Mullahs," etc. must "interpret" the Quran.  By proclaiming so, these human devils not only have opposed God's clear revelations, but they have systematically driven the masses away from this noble gift of GOD.  The Most Gracious Lord has given humanity a book that is so easy to understand that no other book or words can make it even slightly clearer.  The Quran is a light revealed by the Most High. Is there anything which can illuminate the light?  In Sura 54 in four verses (17, 22, 32, 40) Almighty GOD says that the Quran is easy to understand:  

ولقد يسرنا القرءان للذكر فهل من مدكر

54:17. We made the Quran easy to learn. Does any of you wish to learn?

GOD has revealed the Quran in an unambiguous and clear Arabic language.  In the Authorized translation of the Quran, the footnote to verse 43:3 states that the "Arabic is the most efficient language, especially in expressing commandments, statutes and exacting laws. Hence the revelation of the Quran in Arabic for the clear understanding of all peoples, regardless of their tongues." Therefore, the Most Gracious Lord has revealed the Quran in an unambiguous language for the clear understanding of all people regardless of their level of education, class, religious upbringing, or their socioeconomic status. 

قرءانا عربيا غير ذي عوج لعلهم يتقون

39:28. An Arabic Quran, without any ambiguity, that they may be righteous.






Study and Reflect Upon the verses of the Quran.

The only way to understand and appreciate God's revelations is by carefully studying the Quran. The careful study of the Quran is different than reading or memorizing it without paying attention to its meanings.  Unfortunately, in the so called "Muslim" countries many people recite the Quran at the funerals. Using it as a decor, they make it a part of their wedding ceremonies. They attach it to the cloths of the new born for good omen. Or they pass under it for protection as they set to take on a journey. All these superstitions stem out of peoples ignorance about GOD and His words. The Most Gracious, the Author of the Quran, stresses the importance of  carefully studying the Quran from cover to cover and thinking and contemplating upon its revelations:

أفلا يتدبرون القرءان أم على قلوب أقفالها

47:24. Why do they not study the Quran carefully? Do they have locks on their minds?

أفلا يتدبرون القرءان
ولو كان من عند غير الله لوجدوا فيه اختلفا كثيرا

4:82. Why do they not study the Quran carefully? If it were from other than GOD, they would have found in it numerous contradictions.

إن ربك يعلم أنك تقوم أدنى من ثلثي اليل ونصفه وثلثه
 وطائفة من الذين معك
 والله يقدر اليل والنهار علم أن لن تحصوه
 فتاب عليكم فاقرءوا ما تيسر من القرءان
 علم أن سيكون منكم مرضى
وءاخرون يضربون في الأرض يبتغون من فضل الله
 وءاخرون يقتلون في سبيل الله
 فاقرءوا ما تيسر منه وأقيموا الصلوة وءاتوا الزكوة
 وأقرضوا الله قرضا حسنا
 وما تقدموا لأنفسكم من خير تجدوه عند الله هو خيرا وأعظم أجرا واستغفروا الله إن الله غفور رحيم

73:20. Your Lord knows that you meditate during two-thirds of the night, or half of it, or one-third of it, and so do some of those who believed with you. GOD has designed the night and the day, and He knows that you cannot always do this. He has pardoned you. Instead, you shall read what you can of the Quran. He knows that some of you may be ill, others may be traveling in pursuit of God's provisions, and others may be striving in the cause of GOD. You shall read what you can of it, and observe the contact prayers (Salat), give the obligatory charity (Zakat), and lend GOD a loan of righteousness. Whatever good you send ahead on behalf of your souls, you will find it at GOD far better and generously rewarded. And implore GOD for forgiveness. GOD is Forgiver, Most Merciful.

أو زد عليه ورتل القرءان ترتيلا

73:4. Or a little more. And read the Quran from cover to cover.





The Quran is Complete, Fully Detailed,
And Sufficient.

Glory be to our Most Gracious Lord who has made our religion easy for us. We only need to believe in and uphold and practice one book, the Quran.  On the other hand, Satan and his agents in the so called "Muslim" countries have made the religion very difficult for people by inventing thousands of other contradictory sources of  "Islamic Law" using baseless books of "hadith" (sayings of prophet Mohammad) and "sunnah" (traditions of prophet Mohammad). Introduction of other sources of religious law besides the Quran, has created a deep division among the so called "Muslim" nations.  Using their own invented sources of hadith and sunnah each religious sect has claimed to know the truth to the exclusion of all others.  As a result , the religious and inter-denominational wars in the "Muslim" nations have been among the bloodiest in the history of the human kind.

In numerous verses, the Most Gracious, the Teacher of the Quran, clearly states that His book is fully detailed, complete and contains all kinds of examples to guide us to the right path:

أفغير الله أبتغي حكما
 وهو الذي أنزل إليكم الكتب مفصلا
 والذين ءاتينهم الكتب يعلمون أنه منزل من ربك بالحق
 فلا تكونن من الممترين

6:114. Shall I seek other than GOD as a source of law, when He has revealed to you this book fully detailed? Those who received the scripture recognize that it has been revealed from your Lord, truthfully. You shall not harbor any doubt.

ويوم نبعث في كل أمة شهيدا عليهم من أنفسهم وجئنا بك شهيدا على هؤلاء ونزلنا عليك الكتب
 تبينا لكل شيء وهدى ورحمة وبشرى للمسلمين

16:89. The day will come when we will raise from every community a witness from among them, and bring you as the witness of these people. We have revealed to you this book to provide explanations for everything, and guidance, and mercy, and good news for the submitters.

وما من دابة في الأرض ولا طئر يطير بجناحيه إلا أمم أمثالكم
 ما فرطنا في الكتب من شيء
 ثم إلى ربهم يحشرون

6:38. All the creatures on earth, and all the birds that fly with wings, are communities like you. We did not leave anything out of this book. To their Lord, all these creatures will be summoned.

In the Authorized translation of the Quran, in the footnote for the above verse (6:38) we read, "All information relevant to our eternal life of the Hereafter is contained in the Quran. The true believers accept, without hesitation, God's assertion: 'We did not leave anything out of this book.' " (emphasis added).  How clearer one can say that the Quran is fully detailed, it is complete, and contains all information that we need for our eternal salvation?  Unfortunately, even with this level of clarity most people insist upon disbelieving their Lord, arguing with their Creator, and saying to God's messengers and believers that "you are falsifiers":  

ولقد جئنهم بكتب فصلنه على علم هدى ورحمة لقوم يؤمنون

7:52. We have given them a scripture that is fully detailed, with knowledge, guidance, and mercy for the people who believe.

كتب فصلت ءايته قرءانا عربيا لقوم يعلمون

41:3. A scripture whose verses provide the complete details, in an Arabic Quran, for people who know.

ولقد صرفنا للناس في هذا القرءان من كل مثل
فأبى أكثر الناس إلا كفورا

17:89. We have cited for the people in this Quran all kinds of examples, but most people insist upon disbelieving.

ولقد صرفنا في هذا القرءان للناس من كل مثل
 وكان الإنسن أكثر شيء جدل

18:54. We have cited in this Quran for the people every kind of example, but the human being is the most argumentative creature.

ولقد ضربنا للناس في هذا القرءان من كل مثل
 ولئن جئتهم بءاية ليقولن الذين كفروا إن أنتم إلا مبطلون

30:58. Thus, we have cited for the people in this Quran all kinds of examples.  Yet, no matter what kind of proof you present to the disbelievers, they say, "You are falsifiers."

GOD seals the hearts of those who disbelieve their Creator's clear assertion that the Quran is fully detailed and complete [30:58].  The Most High places shields around their minds to prevent them from understanding the Quran and thus they will never find the path to the eternal salvation [30:59]. When the believers preach their Lord using the Quran Alone [17:46], those who uphold other sources of religious guidance beside the Quran run away in aversion:  

كذلك يطبع الله على قلوب الذين لا يعلمون

30:59. GOD thus seals the hearts of those who do not know.

وجعلنا على قلوبهم أكنة أن يفقهوه وفي ءاذانهم وقرا
وإذا ذكرت ربك في
القرءان وحده ولوا على أدبرهم نفورا

17:46. We place shields around their minds, to prevent them from understanding it, and deafness in their ears. And when you preach your Lord, using the Quran alone, they run away in aversion.




The Quran
Is the Only Authorized Source of Religious Jurisprudence.

Believing that the Quran is fully detailed and complete necessitates that we uphold it as the only source of religious law and practice.  In other words, in every religious dispute, Quran should be used as the only judge [4:105].  The Most Gracious GOD has sent down the scriptures bearing the truth to judge among people in their disputes and thus to foster their unity and brotherhood and to prevent them from divisions and sects [2:213].  Even Prophet Mohammad was discouraged from judging the disputes among the people of the book as they had the old testament and could easily refer to God's scripture to settle their own disputes [5:43].  In repeated verses of the Quran Almighty God warns us that "those who do not rule in accordance with God's revelations are the disbelievers" [5:44], "Those who do not rule in accordance with God's revelations are the unjust" [5:45], "Those who do not rule in accordance with God's revelations are the wicked" [5:47]:

إنا أنزلنا إليك الكتب بالحق
 لتحكم بين الناس بما أريك الله ولا تكن للخائنين خصيما

4:105. We have sent down to you the scripture, truthfully, in order to judge among the people in accordance with what GOD has shown you. You shall not side with the betrayers.

كان الناس أمة وحدة فبعث الله النبين مبشرين ومنذرين
 وأنزل معهم الكتب بالحق ليحكم بين الناس فيما اختلفوا فيه
 وما اختلف فيه إلا الذين أوتوه من بعد ما جاءتهم البينت
 بغيا بينهم فهدى الله الذين ءامنوا لما اختلفوا فيه من الحق بإذنه والله يهدي من يشاء إلى صرط مستقيم

2:213. The people used to be one community when GOD sent the prophets as bearers of good news, as well as warners. He sent down with them the scripture, bearing the truth, to judge among the people in their disputes. Ironically, those who received the scripture were the ones who rejected any new scripture, despite clear proofs given to them. This is due to jealousy on their part. God guides those who believe to the truth that is disputed by all others, in accordance with His will. GOD guides whoever wills in a straight path.

وكيف يحكمونك وعندهم التورية فيها حكم الله
 ثم يتولون من بعد ذلك وما أولئك بالمؤمنين

5:43. Why do they ask you to judge among them, when they have the Torah, containing God's law, and they chose to disregard it? They are not believers.

إنا أنزلنا التورية فيها هدى ونور
 يحكم بها النبيون الذين أسلموا للذين هادوا والربنيون والأحبار
 بما استحفظوا من كتب الله وكانوا عليه شهداء
 فلا تخشوا الناس واخشون ولا تشتروا بءايتي ثمنا قليلا
 ومن لم يحكم بما أنزل الله فأولئك هم الكفرون

5:44. We have sent down the Torah, containing guidance and light. Ruling in accordance with it were the Jewish prophets, as well as the rabbis and the priests, as dictated to them in God's scripture, and as witnessed by them. Therefore, do not reverence human beings; you shall reverence Me instead. And do not trade away My revelations for a cheap price. Those who do not rule in accordance with God's revelations are the disbelievers.

وكتبنا عليهم فيها أن النفس بالنفس والعين بالعين
 والأنف بالأنف والأذن بالأذن والسن بالسن
 والجروح قصاص فمن تصدق به فهو كفارة له
ومن لم يحكم بما أنزل الله فأولئك هم الظلمون

5:45. And we decreed for them in it that: the life for the life, the eye for the eye, the nose for the nose, the ear for the ear, the tooth for the tooth, and an equivalent injury for any injury. If one forfeits what is due to him as a charity, it will atone for his sins. Those who do not rule in accordance with God's revelations are the unjust.

وليحكم أهل الإنجيل بما أنزل الله فيه
ومن لم يحكم بما أنزل الله فأولئك هم الفسقون

5:47. The people of the Gospel shall rule in accordance with God's revelations therein. Those who do not rule in accordance with God's revelations are the wicked.

وأنزلنا إليك الكتب بالحق مصدقا لما بين يديه من الكتب ومهيمنا عليه
فاحكم بينهم بما أنزل الله ولا تتبع أهواءهم عما جاءك من الحق
  لكل جعلنا منكم شرعة ومنهاجا ولو شاء الله لجعلكم أمة وحدة
ولكن ليبلوكم في ما ءاتيكم فاستبقوا الخيرت
 إلى الله مرجعكم جميعا فينبئكم بما كنتم فيه تختلفون

5:48. Then we revealed to you this scripture, truthfully, confirming previous scriptures, and superseding them. You shall rule among them in accordance with God's revelations, and do not follow their wishes if they differ from the truth that came to you. For each of you, we have decreed laws and different rites. Had God willed, He could have made you one congregation. But He thus puts you to the test through the revelations He has given each of you. You shall compete in righteousness. To God is your final destiny - all of you - then He will inform you of everything you had disputed.




Do not Abandon this Great Quran.

How would you treat the most precious gift you receive from your most beloved friend? Would you set it aside and ignore it? Or, would you hold it dear to yourself, keep it in sight, and use it as a constant remembrance of a friend that means a lot to you? Our Most Gracious Lord has blessed us with the Glorious Quran, a Divine Gift from Almighty GOD. A Gift that can help us achieve happiness now and forever. Instead of studying the Quran carefully and wholeheartedly many people ignore its teachings and some deliberately conceal its revelations. When we read in the Quran that "The places of worship belong to GOD, do not call on anyone else beside Him" (72:18), "We made the Quran easy to learn, does any of you wish to learn?" (54:17, 22,32,40), "We did not leave anything out of this book" (6:38), or "You shall not utter your Contact Prayers (Salat) too loudly, nor secretly; use a moderate tone" (17:110), we see many turn away in aversion as if they have never heard God's revelations. GOD, His messengers, and the believers condemn those who conceal God's revelations in the Quran, believe in the Quran only partially, or desert it all together.

إن الذين يكتمون ما أنزلنا من البينت والهدى
 من بعد ما بينه للناس في الكتب
 أولئك يلعنهم الله ويلعنهم اللعنون

2:159. Those who conceal our revelations and guidance, after proclaiming them for the people in the scripture, are condemned by God; they are condemned by all the condemners.

الذين جعلوا القرءان عضين

15:91. They accept the Quran only partially.

وقال الرسول يرب إن قومي اتخذوا هذا القرءان مهجورا

25:30. The messenger said, "My Lord, my people have deserted this Quran."



This will Continue, GOD willing.