I seek refuge in GOD from the rejected Satan

In the name of GOD, the Gracious, the Merciful

The Honorable Quran
AL-Quranel Kareem

القرءان الكريم

[(1 + 30 + 100 + 200 + 1 + 1 + 50) + (1 + 30 + 20 + 200 + 10 + 40)]

19 x 36

The Quran is characterized by a unique phenomenon never found in any human authored book. Every element of the Quran is mathematically composed - the suras, the verses, the words, the number of certain letters, the number of words from the same root, the number of variety of divine names, the unique spelling of certain words, the absence or deliberate alteration of certain letters within certain words, and many other elements of the Quran besides its content. There are two major facets of the Quran's mathematical system: (1) the mathematical literary composition, and (2) the mathematical structure involving the numbers of suras and verses. Because of this comprehensive mathematical coding, the slightest distortion of the Quran's text or physical arrangement is immediately exposed.

For the first time in history we have a scripture with built-in proof of Divine Authorship - A Superhuman Mathematical Composition.

Any reader of this book can easily verify the Quran's mathematical miracle. The word "GOD" (Allah) is written in bold capital letters throughout the text. The frequency of occurrence of the word "God" is noted at the bottom of each page. The last page of the text, shows that the total occurrence of the word "GOD" is 2698, or 19 x 142.

Furthermore, when we add the numbers of all the verses where the word "GOD" occurs, we obtain a total of 118123, also a multiple of 19 (118123 = 19 x 6217). Nineteen is the common denominator throughout the Quran's mathematical system.

This phenomenon alone suffices as incontrovertible proof that the Quran is God's message to the world. No human beings could have kept track of 2698 occurrence of the word "GOD," and the numbers of the verses where they occur. This is especially impossible in view of (1) the age of ignorance during which the Quran was revealed, and (2) the fact that the suras and verses were widely separated in time and place of revelation. The chronological order of revelation was vastly different from the final format. However, the Quran's mathematical system is not limited to the word "GOD;" it is extremely vast, extremely intricate, and totally comprehensive.

Greatness of the Quran
If we revealed this Quran to a mountain,
You would see it trembling, crumbling, out of reverence for GOD.
We site these examples for the people that they may reflect.
Quran 59:21

 An Important Commandment
When you read the Quran
You shall seek refuge in GOD from Satan the rejected
Quran 16:98
(16 + 98 = 114, 19 x 6)

ق والقرءان المجيد
Qhaaf (Q), and the glorious Quran.
Quran 50:1


Sura Number, (Number of Verses), Sura Name in English, Sura Name in Arabic, Sura Name in Arabic Text

Sura 1 (7)
The Key

Sura 20 (135)

Sura 39 (75)
The Throngs

Sura 58 (22)
The Debate

Sura 77 (50)

Sura 96 (19)
The Embryo

Sura 2 (286)
The Heifer

Sura 21 (112)
The Prophets

Sura 40 (85)

Sura 59 (24)

Sura 78 (40)
The Event

Sura 97 (5)

Sura 3 (200)
The Amramites Ali-'Imran

Sura 22 (78)
The Pilgrimage

Sura 41 (54)

Sura 60 (13)
The Test

Sura 79 (46)
The Snatchers

Sura 98 (8)

Sura 4 (176)

Sura 23 (118) The Believers

Sura 42 (53)

Sura 61 (14)
The Column

Sura 80 (42)
He Frowned

Sura 99 (8)
The Quake

Sura 5 (120)
The Feast

Sura 24 (64)

Sura 43 (89)

Sura 62 (11)

Sura 81 (29)
The Rolling

Sura 100 (11) The Gallopers

Sura 6 (165)

Sura 25 (77)
The Statute Book

Sura 44 (59)

Sura 63 (11)
The Hypocrites

Sura 82 (19)
The Shattering

Sura 101 (11) The Shocker

Sura 7 (206)
The Purgatory

Sura 26 (227) The Poets

Sura 45 (37)

Sura 64 (18)
Mutual Blaming

Sura 83 (36)
The Cheaters

Sura 102 (8)

Sura 8 (75)
Spoils of War

Sura 27 (93)
The Ant

Sura 46 (35)
The Dunes

Sura 65 (12)

Sura 84 (25)
The Rupture

Sura 103 (3)
The Afternoon Al-`Asr

Sura 9 (127)

Sura 28 (88)

Sura 47 (38)

Sura 66 (12)

Sura 85 (22)
The Galaxies

Sura 104 (9)
The Backbiter Al-Humaza

Sura 10 (109)

Sura 29 (69)
The Spider

Sura 48 (29)

Sura 67 (30)

Sura 86 (17)
The Bright Star Al-Taareq

Sura 105 (5)
The Elephant

Sura 11 (123)

Sura 30 (60)
The Romans

Sura 49 (18)
The Walls

Sura 68 (52)
The Pen

Sura 87 (19)
The Most High Al-A`alaa

Sura 106 (4)
Quraish Tribe

Sura 12 (111) Joseph

Sura 31 (34)

Sura 50 (45)

Sura 69 (52)

Sura 88 (26)
The Overwhelming Al-Ghaasheyah

Sura 107 (7)

Sura 13 (43)
The Thunder

Sura 32 (30)
The Prostration

Sura 51 (60)
of the Winds


Sura 70 (44)
The Heights

Sura 89 (30)
The Dawn

Sura 108 (3)

Sura 14 (52)

Sura 33 (73)
The Parties

Sura 52 (49)
Mount Sinai

Sura 71 (28)

Sura 90 (20)
The Town

Sura 109 (6)
The Disbelievers Al-Kaaferoon

Sura 15 (99)
Al-Hijr Valley

Sura 34 (54)

Sura 53 (62)
The Stars

Sura 72 (28)
The Jinn

Sura 91 (15)
The Sun

Sura 110 (3)

Sura 16 (128)
The Bee

Sura 35 (45)

Sura 54 (55)
The Moon

Sura 73 (20)

Sura 92 (21)
The Night 

Sura 111(5)

Sura 17 (111)
Children of Israel
Bani Israel
بني إسرءيل

Sura 36 (83)
Ya Sin

Sura 55 (78)
Most Gracious

Sura 74 (56)
The Hidden Secret Al-Muddath`thir

Sura 93 (11)
The Forenoon

Sura 112 (4)

Sura 18 (110) The Cave

Sura 37 (182) The Arrangers

Sura 56 (96)
The Inevitable

Sura 75 (40)

Sura 94 (8)
Cooling the Temper Al-Sharrhh

Sura 113 (5)
The Daybreak Al-Falaq

Sura 19 (98)

Sura 38 (88)

Sura 57 (29)

Sura 76 (31)
The Human

Sura 95 (8)
The Fig

Sura 114 (6)

The book is, without a doubt,
A revelation from the Lord of the universe.
Quran 32:2

ق والقرءان المجيد
Qhaaf (Q), and the glorious Quran.
Quran 50:1


Truthfully, we sent it down, and with the truth it came down.
We did not send you except as a bearer of good news, as well as a Warner.

A Quran that we have released slowly, in order for you to read it to the people over a long period,
Although we sent it down all at once.

Proclaim, "Believe in it, or do not believe in it.
Those who posses knowledge from the previous scriptures, when it is recited to them,
They fall down on their chins, prostrating.

They say, glory be to our Lord. This fulfills our Lord's prophecy.

They fall down on their chins, prostrating and weeping, for it augments their reverence."
Quran 17:105-109

Deuteronomy18:18-19. I will raise them up a prophet from among their brethren, like you (Moses), and I will put My words (the Quran) in his (Mohammad) mouth; and he shall speak unto them all that I shall command him.

And it shall come to pass that whosoever will not listen to My words that he shall speak in My name
In the name of GOD, Most Gracious, Most Merciful), I will require it of him.

For more information please go to: http://www.universalunity.org/13.html

Those who are not worthy of GOD'S guidance
will come up with all kinds of excuses to stay away from the Quran.

Isaiah 29:11-14. And the vision of all is become onto you as the words of a book that is sealed, that men deliver to one that can read, saying, "Read this, I beg you." And he says, "I cannot, for it is sealed."

And the book is delivered to him that can not read, saying, "Read this, I beg you." And he says, "I cannot read."

Wherefore the Lord said, "Forasmuch as this people (Americans) draw near Me with their mouth, and with their lips do honor Me, and their fear toward Me is taught by the precept of men:

Therefore, behold, I will proceed to do a marvelous work among this people (Americans), even a marvelous work and wander, for the wisdom of their wise men shall perish, and the understanding of their prudent men shall be hid."

The Quran's awesome mathematical miracle was revealed through GOD'S Messenger of the Covenant, Dr. Rashad Khalifa.
This happened in the United States of America on January 5, 1974.



"Remembering GOD"
By: Dr. Ahmad Sharbatoghlie, GOD'S messenger in Iran

I seek refuge in GOD from the rejected Satan
In the name of GOD, the Gracious, the Merciful

GOD, the Creator of heavens and the earth, is with us at every moment so long as we remember Him.

[2:152] You shall remember Me, that I may remember you, and be thankful to Me; do not be unappreciative.

The more we praise, glorify, and commemorate GOD, the closer we get to our Creator.

[73:8] You shall commemorate the name of your Lord, to come ever closer and closer to Him.

GOD is closer to us than our parents. The true believers commemorate GOD more than they commemorate their parents.

[2:200] Once you complete your rites, you shall continue to commemorate GOD as you commemorate your own parents, or even better. …

The Glorious Quran has many verses about remembering and commemorating GOD.  It is incumbent upon us to read these verses and contemplate on them. The believers remember GOD at all times while standing, sitting, or lying down. They praise and glorify GOD while reflecting upon the creation of the heavens and the earth.

[3:191] They remember GOD while standing, sitting, and on their sides, and they reflect upon the creation of the heavens and the earth: "Our Lord, You did not create all this in vain. Be You glorified. Save us from the retribution of Hell.


[4:103] Once you complete your Contact Prayer (Salat), you shall remember GOD while standing, sitting, or lying down. Once the war is over, you shall observe the Contact Prayers (Salat); the Contact Prayers (Salat) are decreed for the believers at specific times.

The accursed Satan wants to distract us from remembering GOD. The devil is our worst enemy, he caused the eviction of Adam and Eve from paradise (2:36).  He is committed to take us off the straight path” (7:16). He advocates evil and vice (24:21). The righteous believers fight with the accursed Satan and whenever the devil approaches them with an idea, they remember GOD whereupon they become seers.

[5:91] The devil wants to provoke animosity and hatred among you through intoxicants and gambling, and to distract you from remembering GOD, and from observing the Contact Prayers (Salat). Will you then refrain?


[7:201] Those who are righteous, whenever the devil approaches them with an idea, they remember, whereupon they become seers.

We must remember GOD every chance we get. The Quran commands us to say “GOD willing” when we say we want to do anything in the future. If we forget this, we must immediately remember GOD and say, “May my Lord guide me to do better next time.”

[18:23] You shall not say that you will do anything in the future,

[18:24] without saying, "GOD willing." If you forget to do this, you must immediately remember your Lord and say, "May my Lord guide me to do better next time."

The Quran says that the most important function of our Daily Contact Prayers is to remember GOD. While performing our five daily Contact Prayers we must praise and glorify GOD and refrain from mentioning anyone else’s name (e.g., Muhammad, Ali, etc.). Mentioning the name of Muhammad or anyone else's in our Contact Prayers causes us to think of those other than GOD and that would nullify our prayers. Our Contact Prayers must be absolutely dedicated to "GOD Alone."

The number of our Daily Contact Prayers is five (
5), and "GOD Alone" occurs in the Quran five (5) times. These occurrences are in 7:70; 30:45; 40:12, 84; and 60:4. Praise be to GOD; by adding the above nine numbers, we obtain:

7 + 70 + 30 + 45 + 40 + 12 + 84 + 60 + 4 = 361 = 19 x 19
Glory is to GOD; 19 is GOD'S Mathematical Signature.
1 and 9 signify, "The First and the Last,
هو الأول والءاخر);
 The Beginning and the End; the Alfa and Omega!

The gematrical value of (
وحده), (ALONE) is 23, (6+8+4+5) and the gematrical value of (الله),(GOD) is 66, (1+30+30+5).
We read Arabic from right to left.
(الله وحده)

قد كانت ءايتي تتلى عليكم فكنتم على أعقبكم تنكصون)
My proofs have been presented to you, but you turned back on your heels.
فبأي ءالاء ربكما تكذبان)
Which of your Lord's marvels can you deny?

"I am GOD; there is no other god beside Me.
You shall worship Me alone, and observe the Contact Prayers (Salat) to remember Me.
Quran 20:14

When Joseph was in prison he said to one of the two prisoners, the one that was going to be freed, “Remember me at your lord.”  Instead of remembering GOD and depending on Him to be saved from the prison, he showed dependence on other than GOD. Such a serious slip kept Joseph a few more years in the prison. We learn for Joseph’s story that in all circumstances we must remember "GOD Alone" and ask Him for help and guidance

[12:42] He then said to the one to be saved "Remember me at your lord." Thus, the devil caused him to forget his Lord, and, consequently, he remained in prison a few more years.

Almighty GOD commanded Moses and Aaron to carry out their mission supported by His signs and then He reminded them to not waver in remembering Him.

[20:42] "Go with your brother, supported by My signs, and do not waver in remembering Me.

We must reflect on our own creation. Almighty GOD created us from dust and subsequently from a tiny drop which turns into an embryo, then it becomes a fetus, and then He bring us out as infants, and then we reach maturity. We must remember GOD and praise and glorify Him for creating us. We must also reflect on the creation of the heavens and the earth and how Almighty GOD showers the dead land with rain and brings it back to life and He creates all kinds of beautiful plants.

[22:5] O people, if you have any doubt about resurrection, (remember that) we created you from dust, and subsequently from a tiny drop, which turns into a hanging (embryo), then it becomes a fetus that is given life or deemed lifeless. We thus clarify things for you. We settle in the wombs whatever we will for a predetermined period. We then bring you out as infants, then you reach maturity. While some of you die young, others live to the worst age, only to find out that no more knowledge can be attained beyond a certain limit. Also, you look at a land that is dead, then as soon as we shower it with water, it vibrates with life and grows all kinds of beautiful plants.

 Remember GOD,


Therefore, you shall glorify GOD when you retire at night, and when you rise in the morning.
Quran 30:17


Our god is whatever occupies our thoughts most of the time. Our god can be our children (7:190), our spouse (9:24), our business (18:35), or our ego (25:43). If Muhammad, Jesus, Ali, Hossain, etc. occupy our minds most of the time, we are idol-worshippers. Hence the commandment, we must remember GOD frequently and glorify Him day and night.

[33:41] O you who believe, you shall remember GOD frequently.

[33:42] You shall glorify Him day and night.

[7:205] You shall remember your Lord within yourself, publicly, privately, and quietly, day and night; do not be unaware.

GOD is the One who provides for us from the heaven and the earth. The food we eat or the water we drink is provided by GOD. How could we ignore all this and not remember GOD, our Provider and Sustainer.

[35:3] O people, remember GOD'S blessings upon you. Is there any creator other than GOD who provides for you from the heaven and the earth? There is no other god beside Him. How could you deviate?

We are repeatedly reminded in the Quran to continue to remember GOD frequently even while we work to seek GOD’S bounties:

[62:10] Once the prayer is completed, you may spread throughout the land to seek GOD'S bounties, and continue to remember GOD frequently, that you may succeed.

Money and children are major distractions in life. A true believer will not allow distractions to take him or her away from remembering GOD.

[63:9] O you who believe, do not be distracted by your money and your children from remembering GOD. Those who do this are the losers.

Our souls are redeemed by remembering the name of our Lord and observing the contact prayers.

[87:14] Successful indeed is the one who redeems his soul.
[87:15] By remembering the name of his Lord, and observing the contact prayers (Salat).

The Effects of Remembering GOD:
GOD'S Remembrance has a profound effect on the hearts of believers.

[8:2] The true believers are those whose hearts tremble when GOD is mentioned, and when His revelations are recited to them, their faith is strengthened, and they trust in their Lord.

[22:35] They are the ones whose hearts tremble upon mentioning GOD, they steadfastly persevere during adversity, they observe the Contact Prayers (Salat), and from our provisions to them, they give to charity.

Rewards for Commemorating GOD:
(1) Divine Forgiveness:
Almighty GOD has prepared for the commemorating men and women forgiveness and a great recompense.

[33:35] The submitting men, the submitting women, the believing men, the believing women, the obedient men, the obedient women, the truthful men, the truthful women, the steadfast men, the steadfast women, the reverent men, the reverent women, the charitable men, the charitable women, the fasting men, the fasting women, the chaste men, the chaste women, and the men who commemorate GOD frequently, and the commemorating women; GOD has prepared for them forgiveness and a great recompense.

(2) Paradise:
When the believers commit a sinful act and wrong their soul, remember GOD and ask for forgiveness, they will be forgiven. Remembering GOD at the moment of falling in sin is a major deterrent for engaging in the sinful act again. Those who remember GOD after falling in sin out of ignorance, their reward is forgiveness and paradise.

[3:135] If they fall in sin or wrong their souls, they remember GOD and ask forgiveness for their sins―and who forgives the sins except GOD―and they do not persist in sins, knowingly.

[3:136] Their recompense is forgiveness from their Lord, and gardens with flowing streams; they abide therein forever. What a blessed reward for the workers!

The consequences of not remembering GOD:

(1) Hard and Miserable Life:

Those who fail to remember GOD will have a hard and miserable life.

[20:124] "As for the one who disregards My message (remembrance), he will have a miserable life, and we resurrect him, on the Day of Resurrection, blind."

(2) Devil's Domination:

Those who disregard the command to remember GOD, He appoints a devil to be their constant companion.

[43:36] Anyone who disregards the message of (remembrance of) the Gracious, we appoint a devil to be his/her constant companion.

(3) Deviation from the Straight Path:

Those whose hearts are hardened against GOD’S remembrance they have deviated from the straight path.

[39:22] If GOD renders one's heart content with Submission, he will be following a light from his Lord. Therefore, woe to those whose hearts are hardened against GOD'S message (remembrance); they have gone far astray.

(4) Blindness in the Day of Judgment:
Those who avoid remembering GOD will be resurrected blind on the Day of Judgment.

[20:124] "As for the one who disregards My message (remembrance), he will have a miserable life, and we resurrect him, on the Day of Resurrection, blind."

[20:125] He will say, "My Lord, why did you summon me blind, when I used to be a seer?"
[20:126] He will say, "Because you forgot our revelations when they came to you, you are now forgotten."

(5) Hell is the ultimate consequence:
Those who refrain from remembering GOD are destined for Hell.

[18:100] We will present Hell, on that day, to the disbelievers.
[18:101] They are the ones whose eyes were too veiled to see My message (my remembrance). Nor could they hear.

The blessings that come with GOD'S Remembrance:

(1) Tranquility in heart and rejoice:
Remembering GOD causes peace, tranquility, and contentment. A devoted believer when he or she hears GOD’S name rejoices. A believer, a Submitter to GOD alone, loves GOD more than anything or anyone else. This true love causes his or her heart to rejoice by remembering the Creator of all things.

[13:28] They are the ones whose hearts rejoice in remembering GOD. Absolutely, by remembering GOD, the hearts rejoice.

(2) Prohibiting Evil and Vice:
Performing the Contact Prayers (Salat) is a mean of remembering GOD, it serves as a major deterrent against evil and vice.

[20:14] "I am GOD; there is no other god beside Me. You shall worship Me alone, and observe the Contact Prayers (Salat) to remember Me.

[29:45] You shall recite what is revealed to you of the scripture, and observe the Contact Prayers (Salat), for the Contact Prayers prohibit evil and vice. But the remembrance of GOD (through Salat) is the most important objective.* GOD knows everything you do.

(3) Insight
When tempted by the accursed Satan, remembering GOD would open our eyes and strengthen our soul against falling in sin.

[7:201] Those who are righteous, whenever the devil approaches them with an idea, they remember, whereupon they become seers.

O people, praise and glorify GOD, our One and Only Lord!
Commemorate GOD day and night to get ever closer to Him in order to achieve salvation.